Spark The Change 2016

Create the organisation you believe in

6-7 July, 2016

London, United Kingdom - The Brewery

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What is Spark the Change

Spark the Change is an event for the whole organisation. It brings together leaders from across the business to explore how they can work together to create lasting and total change. With events in London, Toronto and Melbourne, we aim to inspire people and offer practical help in overcoming obstacles and developing your skills to make a change.

Spark offers a mixture of inspirational talks from leaders who have achieved exceptional transformations alongside highly practical workshops to allow you to create tailored learning for your own needs. It’s an opportunity to learn, find inspiration and re-energise, allowing you to try loads of different courses in one place to know which would be the most useful / interesting for your people. You’ll meet other individuals committed to improving their organisations and making changes with learning and tips to share. After attending Spark, you will know exactly what change you’re going to spark and have the confidence and skills to make it happen.

Unleashing People
Channeling talent towards market value, creating ecosystem of innovation and engagement.
Building Tomorrow's Company
Taking the steps to create real change, learning constantly and evolving in unique ways and with courage.
Sparking Disruption
Changing industries in a way that matters, putting sustainability at the forefront of new business models.



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Fantastic day at @SparkConf. Interesting ideas, debate and people – plus #LeanEnterprise session was invaded by a remote control robot! Barry O'Reilly Author, Lean Enterprise, @BarryOReilly
Fantastic couple of days with the @SparkConf, mind is blown, so so many great ideas and speakers, thank you all! Till next year… Paul Brown Transformation Agent, @brownpf
Liz O'Neill
One of the few conferences that I have attended where I walked away with some tangible tools and techniques to help me spark change in my organisation. Liz O'Neill Charities Aid Foundation
Ken Weir, RBS
"Thank you so much for a magnificent 2 days at spark!"
Phil Fanthom, Jenrick IT
"I thought the conference was spectacular!"
Charles Humble, C4 Media
"I *really* enjoyed Spark, and I’ve had a bunch of ideas over the last 24 hours"
Claire James, Pivotal Moment
I’m writing with a big thank you for last week’s Spark. I had an amazing time with enormous value from all of the sessions that I attended and met some great people, with whom I hope to be able to collaborate over the coming months. I also really enjoyed the food, which I can rarely say of other conferences I attend! Thank you so much for the hard work that went into putting such a fabulous event together.
Sally McCutcheon, Human Leaders
"I just wanted to say an enormous thank you!! It was such an awesome event and I am so SO appreciative of being able to come along. I got so much from the event in terms of releasing my inner jazz monkey, finding my natural writing flow, getting in touch with my dreams for my business and my life and then just generally hearing some great case studies and meeting some cool people."
Caroline Brown, Global Atkins
"We're planning many experiments. Many thanks for an inspiring and very impactful conference."
"You don't realise how big a spark @SparkConf has lit in us! Good times ahead :-) thanks again for your leadership."
"I was so inspired by @Nigel_Linacre "story telling" feel @SparkConf, I tried to use the same format at #CEWT this afternoon :) I loved it! "

Hosts, sponsors and partners

Spark The Change is made possible thanks to generous help from our hosts, sponsors and partners.




Wemanity is an agile consultancy inspiring and helping organisations transform into Lean & Agile leaders in their industry. We offer a true alternative to the traditional approach. Wemanity’s Agile DNA, startup mentality and distributive organisational approach are unique to the consulting market. With Spark The Change, Wemanity hopes to inspire people to make a change today. We want people to meet, share, learn and cultivate connections that lead to greater learning and happiness in themselves and their collegaues. A happy and learning workplace is a productive one!  



Gamevy is an employee-owned company with  no bosses. We build games that play differently and we believe in working differently too. From our corporate purpose - making our employees happy - to our radical ways of working, we believe that our culture is what makes us succeed. As part of that, we're proud to be members of the Spark the Change movement, which sees other organisations building happy, innovative and purposeful businesses to make our lives and world better.



Engage for success

Engage for success

We are a growing, dynamic, voluntary movement promoting employee engagement as a better way to work that benefits individual employees, teams, and whole organisations.
Our vision: We want everyone working in the UK to want, and be able, to give their best each day, so that each day is a great day at work, and that workplaces in the UK are thriving, growing and developing through the commitment, energy, and creativity of the people that work in them.
Our aims: We want to grow awareness about the power and potential of employee engagement, encourage people to think more about it, and to provoke them to take action where they work.
Our values: We want to be an inspirational force for change both in the UK and internationally. We aim to be inclusive, practical and accessible.

Engage for success
hotelbeds group

hotelbeds group

Hotelbeds Group is a global provider of services to the travel trade. Active in 120 markets, Hotelbeds Group holds a leading position in some of the fastest growing segments of the industry. Hotelbeds Group has achieved an enviable track-record of double digit year-on-year growth ever since its inception in 2001. Founded on two main pillars, global distribution capability and local destination infrastructure, Hotelbeds Group fully leverages these core competencies to generate above market returns. A strategy to target the fastest-growing markets across the Americas, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, combined with a focus on technology and innovation have been the drivers of Hotelbeds Group ability to remain at the forefront of the market. It offers distribution of accommodation, transfers and activities in more than 185 countries via the world’s leading bedbank and destination management services in more than 40 countries. Hotelbeds Group registered total transaction values (TTV) of €4.28 billion in financial year 14/15. Hotelbeds Group is formed by 4 business units: Bedbank, Transfer & Activity Bank (TAB), Destination Management and New Ventures.

hotelbeds group


Quickly supplanting meatballs and flat-pack furniture as Sweden’s most adored export, Spotify was launched in 2008 and has completely changed they way people listen to music ever since. By allowing users to play music directly from the cloud — rather than by downloading it first — Spotify became wildly popular, and as a startup gave entrenched music industry players like Apple’s iTunes a run for its money. Part of the allure for Spotify’s users is that the service (currently) boasts more than 30 million tracks, and save for some high-profile holdouts like The Beatles, it has pretty much every song you’d ever want to listen to. Another attractive feature is that people can use Spotify for free.





WeWork is the platform for creators. We provide everything you need to make a life, not just a living.



Unlock the potential of organisations to accelerate value delivery for less cost. At Radtac we operate at the intersection of business and technology to create competitive advantage through digital transformation: growing revenues, reducing costs, and improving efficiency and effectiveness. We unlock potential with our range of Agile and Lean services such as training, consultancy, coaching, and talent & staffing options to transform your organisation.  


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LEAN JS helps companies execute and learn at the speed of start-ups. We build quickly the product that your clients want by leveraging the power of The Lean Startup and using cutting-edge JavaScript.


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