About Spark the Change

Spark the Change is an event for the whole organisation. It brings together leaders from across the business to explore how they can work together to create lasting and total change. With events in London, Toronto and Melbourne, we aim to inspire people and offer practical help in overcoming obstacles and developing your skills to make a change.

Spark offers a mixture of inspirational talks from leaders who have achieved exceptional transformations alongside highly practical workshops to allow you to create tailored learning for your own needs. It’s an opportunity to learn, find inspiration and re-energise, allowing you to try loads of different courses in one place to know which would be the most useful / interesting for your people. You’ll meet other individuals committed to improving their organisations and making changes with learning and tips to share. After attending Spark, you will know exactly what change you’re going to spark and have the confidence and skills to make it happen.


6-7 July 2016 at The Brewery, London


Spark is about an organisation’s ability to be responsive, innovative and harness the energy of its employees. Companies that block their employees’ creativity and motivation or that become top-heavy with bureaucracy and process end up unable to compete with faster and more energetic companies.

It may sound obvious, but it isn’t easy. Organisations can suffer from huge inertia and active resistance to change while the interests of differing departments, teams and individuals can pull in different directions.

Spark covers an eclectic range of topics – from dealing with uncertainty to democratic decision-making, the ethics of customer experimentation and trust in the digital age. Case studies demonstrate how companies have implemented radical ideas to speed up feedback cycles, manage portfolio risk better and prioritise more effectively. Workshops offer skills and practical tools – from conducting as a leadership technique to personal resilience in the face of failure through improvisation.

Who’s there?

Now in our third year, Spark has welcomed over 80 different companies, and 160 attendees from business, the public sector and charities plus many independent consultants and academics.

Leading speakers have included Tim Harford (FT), Jurgen Appelo (Happy Melly), Mark Stevenson (We Do Things Differently) and Dr. Paul Thomas (BBC), as well as case studies from Unilever, W. S. Gore, UK Gov, Red Gate Software, Spotify and Change.org. World-leading experts have given in-depth workshops in skills ranging from comedy writing to hostage negotiation, from singing to wellbeing.

There were many highly innovative British companies presenting at Spark – from small start-ups to established companies like Capital One, e-bay, RSA and Compare the Market. There were also a number of companies that knew they needed to make big cultural changes in order to respond to a changing world – from UK Gov to Direct Line and Markel Insurance. They came to share experience, learn and to look for help.

At Spark, Operations Directors learn from agency creatives, IT leaders sit down with HR managers, and academics chat with team leaders. We passionately believe in breaking down the functional silos that block collaboration in many businesses.

Our attendees come from many different sectors as well – and they have been astonished by what they can share and learn.