Remote Work: Stories of People and Teams Doing Great Things

Get ready to pack up your laptop and hit the road! Today, I specialise in facilitating remote work. And it was an experience ten years ago that turned a light bulb on for me — in a way I would have never expected. I was living in California at the time and belonged to a […]

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In the family way

It’s funny how things work out, what we see when we open our eyes and raise our curiosity. In particular, two events this week that in one moment filled me with dread, then filled me with hope and possibility. Firstly, on Wednesday a colleague sent me an article from The Economist about the quality of managers in the […]

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Yes … You Can … Change Your Organisation Culture!

Some management consultants claim that you can’t change an organisation’s culture. This is nonsense. Numerous other management and change consultants claim they can change an organisation’s culture. This too is nonsense. You can change your organisation’s culture … from the inside. Indeed, a leader’s responsibility includes Shaping their Organisation’s Culture. I am going to share […]

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Rejecting roles

Rejecting roles: That’s marketing’s job. You need to talk to IT. Having roles is considered essential by most organisations. We’ve read dozens of business blogs, HR advice articles and even management training courses that insist clearly defined roles lead to better results, greater productivity and higher motivation. Without clear definition of roles, they warn that […]

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Free the office slaves

Free the office slaves: No more working day. The 9-5 working day has come to signify office slavery. In actual fact though, most knowledge workers work longer than 8 hours a day. A 2011 survey (ASHE) suggests that the average manager in the UK works over 9 hours per day, while extreme hours among certain […]

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Spark at the Brewery

We are delighted to announce Spark 2016 will be happening at The Brewery! The Brewery is one of the premier event and fine dining venues in the City of London, from the extravagant to the discreet, for hundreds of customers or for a handful.

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Save the date

Get ready to Spark, we’re happy to announce Spark the Change 2016 will be happening on July 6th and 7th, 2016 in London at The Brewery. We will announce speakers soon. We can’t wait to see you there!  

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