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17 rue Bouchardon 75010 PARIS
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Kyokita is a multidisciplinary team of passionated people creating new user centric usages using IoT
and Robotics.

We realise fast prototyping, services oriented platforms, but also software applications in robotics for
interactions with human, all our projects are realised with the Lean Startup method.

We accompany our customer (we prefer to say our partner) in all the creation process.

Starting with ideation workshop (with innovation games, …) used to determine the new usages, we
create the functional prototypes for those usages and then monitor the production step with our partner. End user validation is a key element of
the design of a product.

But we also build our own products, using the same methodologies as describe above. For example we
created the ZenSensor, a product aiming at improving life quality at the office and also make some energy saving.

Another example is our connected cocktail machine mixing technology and fun to animate events and


Twitter: @KyokitaAg




ZenSensor is a device with two main goals:

– improve life quality at work
– help to make energy saving

This project has been initiated in Lean Startup mode, to adapt to the specific needs of
customers and save time during the deployment phase.

ZenSensor matches environmental metrics measurement (temperature, humidity, sound
intensity, light) to the questioning of users’ feeling in a space.

A network of devices containing sensors is installed in this area. The correlation between
subjective and objective data enables the definition of real tolerance thresholds, the improvement of spaces layout and the remote control on the different systems of
the building.

Thanks to the Lean Startup mode we can quickly adapt to new usages needed by users.
Recently we add the possibility to detect presence, and deploy this with a booking room web
application to manage meeting rooms occupation.