Talk Unleashing people

Body Language Training: How we changed the rules to make it really work! – Paul Martin from Mixxa

Queen Charlotte 7th July 2016 9:45 am - 10:30 am

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Paul Martin

We all (mostly) understand the role that body-language plays in successful communication. Accordingly, we also understand how negative body-language can undermine our attempts to positively connect with our colleagues, customers, prospects, etc. This is important in business where an ability to communicate effectively can be the difference between success and failure! So, traditionally, by way of improving our communication skills we often send our employees on communications skills training courses where they can learn to employ complimentary body-language techniques and become better communicators. However, there’s bad news here. The very mechanism we have historically used to ‘teach’ body-language is also the very thing that undermines it’s effectiveness. In short, the way we teach it actually prevents us from putting it in to practice. The result? It just doesn’t work very well!

Until now….

In his talk, Paul will uncover the hidden barriers to body-language skill development and share how, through his experience of working with deaf people, he developed a technique that has revolutionised the body-language training technique and is now resulting in profound improvements in the positive communication abilities of those that experience his courses.