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Brain-Aligned Delivery – Daniel Jones from EngineerBetter

Upper Sugar Room 6th July 2016 10:15 am - 11:00 am

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Daniel Jones

We have inherited many commonly-accepted working practices from the industrial revolution and baby-boom era that are unfit for the modern world. Recent findings in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive psychology demonstrate that not only are these practices ill-fitting for knowledge workers, but they are actively damaging to productivity and wellbeing. This session explores how, when combined with the courage to reject cultural norms, we can leverage these findings and long-evolved traits of human behaviour.

• How can removing deadlines increase the effective IQ of your teams?

• Why are we so addicted to estimating when tasks will be finished?

• How can we restructure our teams and processes to reward and encourage productive behaviour?

• How can we leverage emotional responses and shirk written communication to foster greater collaboration?

• Why are we happy to accept tasks in a project plan taking longer than expected, but less happy to spend the same time pursuing unexpected opportunities?

• Why would offering both ping-pong and table football increase productivity more than either in isolation?

It’s time to make stand and reject the norms that are hurting both our businesses and our working lives.