Building tomorrow's company Workshop

Doing Business with Heart, getting in flow – Andrew Thornton and Eudora Ralph Pascall from Heart in Business Limited

James Watt 6th July 2016 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Andrew Thornton
Eudora Ralph Pascall

This workshop will share the power of doing business with a heart and how this helps create more sustainable and higher long term shareholder value. It will combine the case study of Thornton’s Budgens, a supermarket in North London that is run ‘heartfully’ with practical sessions to help you have a more fulfilling working life through being in flow (in flow being defined as spending most of your time doing what you are passionate about – what you love and are good at).

It will help you see why being in flow in life is so much more fulfilling and how to find your ikigai (Japanese for ‘the reason to get up in the morning’). Andrew will share how he got to the point of realising his life purpose was to put the Heart back into Business, and how he has used this in his supermarket Thornton’s Budgens and the impact this can have on people and the energy of the company.

Eudora will help you come away with 3 things that you can do differently in your lives in the next 6 weeks to help you get more in-flow.