Building tomorrow's company Workshop

Fewer reporting lines, more story lines – Jan Bal and Hans Donckers from Beanmachine

Lower Sugar Room 6th July 2016 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Jan Bal
Hans Donckers

Is everyone in your organization looking to the story lines of the company’s purpose in producing something that improves the lives of their customers?

Or are they looking to the reporting lines of task and proces? You know, the ones which encourage employees to focus on an overly narrow set of tasks until everyone is competing with each other over minor details of how the tasks should be done, whose job is more important and typical corporate drama. Under the best conditions, these companies respond painfully slowly to changes in the market. Instead of quickly adapting to give customers and coworkers what they need, each detail of change turns into a maze of administrative process, focussing on the paperwork and approval systems. Even worse, all this extraneous nonsense really reduces productivity.

In this high energy session you will explore:

  • how to engage the whole organization in co-writing the company’s future story;
  • ways for scrapping the administrative red tape;
  • how to move your focus from unavoidable change to building responsive capacity;
  • a strategy for building a culture of engagement and accountability

Join us, experience the magic of disruptive formats, and walk away with concrete tools and techniques to become a true story line driven organization.