Sparking disruption Workshop

Organize for Complexity. How our organizations will become agile, radically decentralized, and networked. Sooner than we think – Niels Pflaeging from BetaCodex Network

Queen Charlotte 6th July 2016 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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Niels Pflaeging

Business, markets and societies have changed, but the principles, methods and concepts of organizational leadership and haven’t, by and large. Rigid and erratic performance management processes like planning, budgeting, project management, fixed-target setting, rigid meeting agendas, individual employee appraisal, and so-called “pay for performance”-pay, combined with autocratic decision-making, org charts and micro-management from the top – these techniques from the industrial age are still widely established standards. But are they still adequate? And if not, how can we adapt our organizational models to the ever-changing environments of the information age and do things better?

In this highly interactive session, you will learn how any organization, by moving beyond command and control, and by abolishing the entire mindset of management, of functional organization, planning and bureaucratic hierarchy, can become sparkling, sustainably more successful and profitable. Niels shows how the transformation towards an organization model for the complexity of the knowledge economy really works and how people, teams and organizations can be unleashed from the burdens of bureaucracy – freed from management by command and control.