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Risk-taking for Change Makers – Kamala Katbamna from Chirp

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James Watt 7th July 2016 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Kamala Katbamna

We work in a climate that’s volatile, uncertain – and full of exciting possibilities if you’re willing to take a risk. By developing courage and exercising our risk-taking ‘muscles’, we can all take a few more risks and create positive change within our organisations.

This fun and fast-paced session will help you experiment, learn fast and move forward with greater courage and resilience. The workshop will use singing and conducting to create a practical experience of risk, and of leading and being led through change. Each person will have the excitement and difficulty of leading an experiment, engaging with constructive critique, and being part of a group trying to interpret and respond to change.

The hands-on, interactive session will help you:
explore your personal relationship with risk
gain the courage to experiment with faster and more frequently
develop your ability to get fast, honest feedback on your ideas
develop your ability to offer challenge and dissent constructively and in the moment
learn practical tools to improve your personal resilience

The session will close with practical actions to help you experiment more sustainably and learn faster back at work. No musical experience needed!

Praise for previous sessions:

“One of the most valuable and fun sessions at the conference.”
Participant, Conducting Leadership workshop, Spark the Change 2015

“The session got us ‘doing’ rather than ‘thinking’, so we were able to experience a real leadership scenario. And because it was so different from day-to-day experiences, I was able to see the link between my actions and the group’s responses really clearly. It was fun, refreshing and inspiring.”
Participant, Conducting Leadership workshop

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